At Levier, we are fully aware that financing is the basis on which a successful and profitable real estate transaction is built. In order to optimize the financing process and its positive impact on the transaction at stake, multiple variables need to be considered; income multipliers, CAP rates, amortization, capitalization and debt coverage ratios, to name only a few.

Considering its complexity, let us assist you in creating the best strategy for your various multi-residential real estate needs and to guarantee that they lead to success. 


Whether you need our help with: 

  • the acquisition of a new income property, 
  • the refinancing of one or many properties you already own, 
  • a mortgage renewal process, to make sure you get the best possible rates with the lending institutions, 
  • an equity withdrawal to prepare for a transaction or 
  • reinvesting in your existing assets to preserve or maximize their value, 

The Levier specialists have the expertise to advise and accompany you through that crucial process. 



We are proud to have acquired a solid reputation in the field of multi-property real estate financing in the Greater Montreal area and have cultivated excellent relations with the most prominent financial institutions and loan insurers in Quebec.

It’s your turn to profit from them!



  • 25M$ CMHC insured multi-residential mortgage 
  • Mortgage financing of a 135-unit rental property on the south shore of Montreal 
  • Refinancing of a 72-unit housing complex on the south shore of Montreal 
  • Financing of a 14-unit property acquisition in downtown Montreal 
  • 20.5M$ financing for the construction of a new housing complex in the Greater Montreal area 
  • 2M$ mezzanine financing on the construction of a rental building on the south shore of Montreal 
  • 5.1M$ financing for the construction of a new 28-unit property