Real estate tips

Whether you’re an owner or simply passionate about multi-residential real estate, the Real Estate Agency Levier and its team are dedicated to being a reference in the business. We are glad to offer you free documentation, reliable tools and useful tips on the subject.

Indeed, whether you’re going through the process of acquiring an income property or planning the sale of multi-unit assets, it is crucial that you have access to all the necessary tools to ensure a successful transaction. Many factors and variables need to be taken into account throughout the numerous – and very important – stages of the process. As specialists, we offer the free use of our online professional services and documentation to help you prepare for a transaction or simply become a more informed, up-to-date owner.

The building inspection

As buying a property is one of the biggest purchases of your life, you should make sure you are buying a property that you know everything about, and knowing the costs required in the short, medium and long term.

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Expense checklist during the purchase of a new property

Buying property is an exciting project that can quickly overwhelm us. On the other hand, it is also a project that can be very costly, not only in the cost of purchasing the property, but you will also incur some expenses associated with the transaction. Here is a preparation checklist to help you better plan future spending.

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How to successfully purchase a new property

Buying a property is often the biggest purchase in life and a real estate transaction is among the five highest stress-inducing events ... Being prepared will help you navigate through this important event!

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Offer to Purchase vs. Notarial Recor

Thinking of buying or selling a property and trying to figure out the various terms used by your real estate agent? Here's a little explanation!

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Practical guide for buying a property

In this comprehensive buyer's guide, you will find a wealth of relevant information and valuable advice to help you make a successful transaction. Download for free!