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Tommy Archambault

President - Founder

Tommy is the founder and CEO of Levier. Motivated by a true passion for real estate and finance, he has earned a solid reputation in the industry, thanks to his creativity, intellectual agility, and remarkable work ethic. Tommy’s tremendous respect for his peers has enabled him to surround himself with the best talents in the industry and, in turn, offer his clients all the benefits of a rich network of experts.

He also treats each and every one of his clients and business relations with unwavering respect, embracing an empathic and reasoned approach, while ensuring he remains available to meet their needs. As a leader, he always makes sure Levier only deals with a small amount of select clients at any given time, so that each of them can benefit from an unparalleled experience, well beyond industry standards.

His multidisciplinary career path — in a diverse range of areas including law, finance, real estate brokerage, baking and investments — has provided him with a unique skillset, making his expertise unique in the Quebec real-estate market. Tommy is always on the lookout for new solutions, innovations, and strategies that will benefit his clients’ projects. He always thrives to push the boundaries of real estate finance in order to adapt to an ever-changing industry.

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Vanessa Kali

Senior Analyst and Chief Compliance Officer

Vanessa works closely with each member of our team and, given she’s charged with managing all administrative documents, she’s an invaluable contact person for our clients. She provides an incomparable level of quality and attention to detail in her client services role. Vanessa also oversees the legal and regulation compliance of the firm, ensures the smooth progression of all transactions from an administrative perspective, and is actively involved in all things accounting.

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Mélanie Quintal

Operations Manager

Mélanie plays a key role in the firm’s deployment and strategic growth. She’s responsible for the optimization of all operational processes, as well as executing follow-ups and periodic evaluations. She ensures that every project taken on by Levier meets the highest quality standards and that every client is treated with the utmost care. She’s also responsible for all matters relating to brand image, communications, and marketing. Mélanie constantly makes every effort to ensure the sustainability of the firm and deliver an exceptional experience to our clients every step of the way.

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Karl-Philippe Vallée

Vice President, Financing and Origination

Energetic, meticulous, and passionate, Karl-Philippe embodies Levier’s most fundamental values. His career path began at Canada’s largest real estate evaluation firm, followed by a stint at one of the “Big Four,” and many years as an investment banker at a renowned Montreal firm. As a result of these rich experiences, Karl-Philippe is able to offer clients a unique level of sophistication, as well as acute expertise in construction financing, alternative financing sources, and transaction management. Karl-Philippe also participates in the definition and implementation of Levier’s strategic priorities, business development, and service offer.

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